Saturday, July 14, 2007


Carrying on from a previous post, we come to Last Dominion Lost, formerly known as Merge. By this time, we knuckled down, borrowed an 8-track from Dominik's brother and started an ecstatic and blunted recording session that no-one seems to remember many details from. Jonh Murphy was a steady houseguest at the time and he was inevitably drawn into the proceedings. You'll find some of Jonh's recollections on the whole thing in a pretty mammoth interview here:

This is an alternative mix of the "centre-piece" of the album. I found this some years ago on a cassette and, while perhaps not as dynamic a mix as the released version, is infinitely clearer and hi-fi (the Tesco release, "The Tyranny of Distance" is pretty murky due to... being mastered from a murky 12-year old cassette). The track carries a very long title on the Tesco package, but was originally known as "Three Faces of Modern Evil" (yes!) and should respectively represent, very roughly, Fascism, Capitalism and Communism.

As far as the participants are concerned, it was basically Dominik Guerin, John and myself, but I recall the crunching at the beginning was Paul Von Deering (from Severed Heads and Go Back to your Precious Wife and Son) stomping on corrigated iron with a contact mike attached.

So, here it is: massive tape manipulation, AKS synthi everywhere and a superb Muphy industrial percussion workout (a metal spring played with steel bars, yikes).

Get it here:

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