Wednesday, October 10, 2007


For those who like their electronics cold (with just a dash of Laibach), we present T4's only recorded outing. Personnel:
ADAM: Vocals
MEINEID: Programming
SAWADE: Programming, Synth, Guitar
MEISEL: Triggered Percussion

Here's the blow from the press-release:

Bands like T4 were very scarce in 1994, the year the project was formed. The members came from various "industrial" groups: ADAM from Electric Ooze, ISSIDOR from Fleischmann, SAWADE from Last Dominion Lost and MEISEL and MEINEID from Zerreissprobe. With typical sensitivity, they named themselves after the notorious Nazi undertaking T4 (T4 was the code-name for the secret extermination of the crippled and mentally unfit) and proceeded to create the appropriate soundtrack. An extremely aggressive unit, T4 succeeded in alienating most people in Techno-obsessed Berlin... this was not a feel-good band by any means. Tensions within the band led to the inevitable implosion, but not before they had made a lot of people very unhappy... Times change and it is sometimes difficult to remember how self-saturated and hippy-like the 90's were... T4 was the perfect antidote.

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Monday, October 8, 2007


The roughest of the rough. Here is an alternate mix (from the same cassette as a previous post) of "Hell To Pay"... very dodgy condition, wow, flutter and drop-out inclusive. The pristine 8-track original remains to be dusted off and released one day! The most "SPK-like" of the LDL recordings, personnel: Tone Generator (D. Guerin), A. N. Other (J. Murphy), Sawade (J. Evans).
The lyrics are courtesy of Chairman Mao TseTung.
"Flying Angels" is Generator and Sawade live in 1990, and "Drowning Man" is from the only extant live recording of the full combo, also 1990 (an execrable quality recording, btw. Included only for purposes of historicity).

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