Friday, October 17, 2008


Some more roughs from the same three sessions as the previous post. Unmixed, unedited.

The full 15 minute version of Die Like The Carp: Ash Wednesday, Julian Percy, Jonh Murphy, Sawade.

Lalka: Murphy, Sawade, Percy. An excurse on german tragedy.

...und noch mal ertrinken: Percy, Sawade, Guerin, Murphy. A meditation on "Drowning Man".

Get it here:

Plus Last Dominion Lost have a Virb (not myspace) site:

Last Dominion Lost sessions and Berlin Bruit Review

Here we have a small selection of rough mixes from recent rehearsals and recording sessions. These are very unpolished, recorded directly from multitrack to minidisk, and as there is about 20 hours(!) of recorded material, I have no idea how representative it is... but eventually a finished product will be cobbled together. Given that recording/rehearsals were spread over about 10 different sessions, these are drawn only from the first three. All are live improvisations with no overdubs. I can make no apology for the "jammy" nature of some of this, I just wanted to run some tracks up the flagpole, so to speak.

Anmerkungen: Track one features Ash Wednesday (keyboard player with Einstürzende Neubauten, ARP synthi), John Murphy (Kaos Pad, sampler), Julian Percy (guitar) and Sawade (MS20 synthi, FX, tapes). The title refers to the doomed breakout of interned japanese P.O.W.s in Australia during WW2.
Track two features Ash Wednesday, Julian Percy and Sawade only.
Tracks three to five feature Percy, Sawade and Murphy only.

All these tracks available here:

Here are a few impressions of the Berlin Bruit event of 30 August:

First to perform was Werkbund, otherwise known as Uli Rehberg (who used to run Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien, a label from the early 80s which released SPK's Auto-da-Fe and the earliest Laibach records. He also records under the alias of Mechtilde Von Leusch). This was a strange performance consisting of him reading a rather grotesque narrative (with a rather nice table-lamp for illumination) and concluding with some rather good music-concrete noise. For a taste of his medicine, go to

Second on the bill was Z'ev ( who deserved a better placement, in my opinion. He said he didn't mind playing so early in the evening... 10.00 or so). Excellent organic industrial, but I expect he needs no introduction. The audience chattered all the way through his set, which was disappointing (philistines). Here's Z'ev's myspace:

Column One next, although I only caught about 5 minutes of their music ( I couldn't even get close to the stage, the venue was too packed, hot and airless). My impression was of a tape-loop
reciting gibberish, that still seemed to be playing 20 minutes later. They must have done some kind of performance art, because the stage was covered with lumber at the end of their event. Sorry, can't really comment here. Prowl through their website

Last Dominion Lost played next.

5th act was nEGAPADRES 3.3., a very strange (some would say satanic) industrial band. Known perhaps more for their belgian EBM project aGRUMH, they played a kind of old-school industrial that I found quite pleasing. The vocalist spent a lot of time crouching and singing stuff like "sacrificio" and "satanus" etc, that, though silly, was refreshingly non-political. Apparently splatter-director Jörg Buttgereit designed their stage show. I can believe it, because they had three decaying sheep's heads pinned to posts on the stage. It stunk like the plague. Listen to one of their tracks on

Finally, the excellent Suttcliffe Jügend finished things off, allowing the (mostly) male percentage of the audience to mosh, stage-dive and generally hoot about. Pretty intense feedback material, a few messianic poses ( Philip Best comes to mind ) and a healthy dose of misanthropy topped of with epilepsy-inducing strobelight. Great fun. Catch an earfull here:

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LDL to play Berliner Bruit Festival

The good folks from have asked Sawade and John Murphy (currently residing in Berlin due to circumstances not of his making) to play the Berlin Bruit Festival on August 30th. Although it's uncertain if the project title will be Last Dominion Lost (Dominik Guerin, the third member, is still in Australia and may not be present...), the general agreement is to interpret some of the tracks on Tyranny of Distance, as well as some new ritual-electronic material. More news will be posted when more information is forthcoming...